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SDL2 Shooter 2 tutorial
Tue, 13th July 2021

SDL2 Widget tutorial
Fri, 18th June 2021

SDL2 Adventure tutorial
Tue, 8th June 2021

New tutorials
Tue, 11th May 2021

Orb source code
Sun, 25th April 2021

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The Third Side (Battle for the Solar System, #2)

The White Knights have had their wings clipped. Shot down and stranded on a planet in independent space, the five pilots find themselves sitting directly in the path of the Pandoran war machine as it prepares to advance The Mission. But if they can somehow survive and find a way home, they might just discover something far more worrisome than that which destroyed an empire.

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Orb source code
Sun, 25th April 2021

Lasagne Monsters source code
Mon, 19th April 2021

3 Guys Apocalypse source code
Sat, 10th April 2021

Match 3 Warriors
Thu, 4th February 2021

The Legend of Edgar 1.34
Thu, 31st December 2020

The Legend of Edgar 1.33
Fri, 17th April 2020

Rock Paper Scissors Battle Royale Brexit Edition
Fri, 25th October 2019

The Legend of Edgar 1.32 Windows binary available
Mon, 23rd September 2019

The Legend of Edgar 1.32
Fri, 20th September 2019

Number Blocks Online!
Wed, 21st August 2019

Water Closet update
Fri, 26th April 2019

Introducing Water Closet
Sun, 14th April 2019

The Legend of Edgar 1.31
Fri, 15th March 2019

Tue, 12th February 2019

TANX Squadron remake update
Sat, 5th January 2019

The Legend of Edgar 1.30
Mon, 31st December 2018

The Great Race Returns
Tue, 16th October 2018

TANX Squadron remake, part 3
Sun, 23rd September 2018

TANX Squadron remake, part 2
Fri, 24th August 2018

TANX Squadron remake
Mon, 6th August 2018

3 Guys now available!
Sat, 7th July 2018

Three Guys - C Port
Fri, 22nd June 2018

The Making of Blob Wars : Attrition
Thu, 24th May 2018

Blob Wars : Attrition v1.0 now available!
Sat, 21st April 2018

Blob Wars : Attrition v0.7 footage
Sat, 17th March 2018

Blob Wars : Attrition porting progress
Mon, 19th February 2018

Blob Wars : Attrition - C Port
Sat, 20th January 2018

The Pandoran War v1.2
Sat, 24th June 2017

TBFTSS : The Pandoran War v1.0
Thu, 11th August 2016

Introducing Three Guys
Fri, 17th June 2016

The making of Metal Blob Solid
Mon, 30th May 2016

The making of Project: Starfighter
Sun, 29th May 2016

The making of TANX Squadron
Sat, 28th May 2016

The making of Blob Wars : Blob and Conquer
Wed, 25th May 2016

TBFTSS : The Pandoran War v0.5
Sat, 27th February 2016

Pandoran War mission structure
Sun, 17th January 2016

Capital Ships!
Sat, 19th December 2015

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