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SDL2 turn-based strategy tutorial
Thu, 14th April 2022

Water Closet ported to PlayStation Vita
Tue, 4th January 2022

The Legend of Edgar 1.35
Sat, 1st January 2022

Achievements tutorial
Thu, 2nd December 2021

SDL2 Rogue tutorial
Thu, 30th September 2021

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A North-South Divide

For over a hundred years, messenger Duncan has wandered the world, searching for the missing pieces of an amulet that will rid him of his curse; a curse that has burdened him with an extreme intolerance of the cold, an unnaturally long life, and the despair of watching all he knew and loved become lost to the ravages of time. But now, Duncan is close to the end of his long quest.

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TBFTSS : The Pandoran War v1.0

Fri, 12th August 2016

I put the finishing touches to The Pandoran War this week, the game hitting v1.0. The game is now complete, with all the missions and features I wanted to put in, the campaign and challenges, as well as the trophies, all done. Downloads will be available from the dedicated Battle for the Solar System website, and the source code is all on GitHub. Future updates will now focus on bug fixes, and adding in missing translations (of which there will be plenty).

I decided after completing the game that I am largely done with creating games now. Over the past 16 years, I've made quite a few, and, while they were fun and challenges to put together, I think I've now done enough. I will be writing a Making Of post for the Pandoran War later in the year, where I'll discuss what went in and what didn't, and other such things.

This will be my last game, I believe; the open source gaming scene has changed considerbly in the past several years, and the once-thriving community has dwindled quite a lot, with gaming becoming more mobile orientated. As such, I decided while on holiday in Japan to have a crack at writing two fantasy novels, which I'll be talking about in another post.

The Pandoran War downloads will be available on 14th August.

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