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Wed, 20th March 2024

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Sat, 16th March 2024

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Mon, 1st January 2024

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Thu, 23rd November 2023

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Wed, 15th February 2023

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The Honour of the Knights (Second Edition) (Battle for the Solar System, #1)

When starfighter pilot Simon Dodds is enrolled in a top secret military project, he and his wingmates begin to suspect that there is a lot more to the theft of a legendary battleship and the Mitikas Empire's civil war than the Helios Confederation is willing to let on. Somewhere out there the Pandoran army is gathering, preparing to bring ruin to all the galaxy...

Click here to learn more and read an extract!

Blob Wars : Attrition v1.0 now available!

Sun, 22nd April 2018

I completed work on Blob Wars : Attrition earlier in the week, merging the v1.0 develop branch into master. The game is now considered feature complete and can be purchased from itch.io. Both Linux and Windows binaries are available, and, for those who prefer to compile their own version (or for those who can't use the binaries) the data files are also available to buy. There will be, as is the nature of these things, some bugs to be found, but hopefully nothing game breaking. The port didn't take nearly as long as I expecting, with the testing chewing up a considerable amount of the porting time. Still, it's great that it's now done and the port was a lot of fun to make. The github repo can be found here:


The game should take about 8 hours to finish (if you know exactly what you're doing and don't die, it will take about 4 - it's extremely unlikely anyone without intimate knowledge of the layout of the maps will be able to do this, however). That is a reasonable amount of time for a game such as this. If you're reading this and it took you longer or shorter, I'd be interested in hearing - send a screenshot of your stats page, if possible).

Do get in touch if you port the game to any other platforms, either directly or on github.

Blob Wars : Attrition on itch.io »

Blob Wars : Attrition data files »

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