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Wed, 13th February 2019

While TANX Squadron has been put on hold, we thought we'd return to a game we started making in 2017. Orb is an RPG inspired by the 1990s SSI Goldbox AD&D games. Below are two early screenshots, taken from the v0.2 version of the game.

Orb was put aside in 2017 after battling with Lua for some time and not quite getting it right; scripting would be essentially for an RPG to deal with quests, various interactions, events, battles, and so on. Now that issue has been resolved, development of the game can continue. There is still a lot to do, as we're only on v0.3 right now. We suspect that it will arrive in late 2020, at the earliest. Still, the game is progressing well and if the pace can be maintained, the launch date will be hit. We'll detail more about the game in future posts, but this will be a traditional RPG, with villages and towns to explore, quests to undertake, a compelling story, and a grid-based combat system.

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