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SDL2 turn-based strategy tutorial
Thu, 14th April 2022

Water Closet ported to PlayStation Vita
Tue, 4th January 2022

The Legend of Edgar 1.35
Sat, 1st January 2022

Achievements tutorial
Thu, 2nd December 2021

SDL2 Rogue tutorial
Thu, 30th September 2021

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A North-South Divide

For over a hundred years, messenger Duncan has wandered the world, searching for the missing pieces of an amulet that will rid him of his curse; a curse that has burdened him with an extreme intolerance of the cold, an unnaturally long life, and the despair of watching all he knew and loved become lost to the ravages of time. But now, Duncan is close to the end of his long quest.

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TANX Squadron remake, part 3

Mon, 24th September 2018

Work on TANX Squadron has been progressing at a steady pace, so we thought we'd share another piece of progress. It is now possible to equip units with weapons and new components. These can be done between missions in the squadron data screen. Only a handful of add-ons and weapons will be available at the start: the machine gun, shell launcher, rocket launcher, aim module (to increase shooting accuracy), and an armour boost system. The latter two will come in a number of different flavours, ranging from 10% to 80%.

Constructing new components and weapons will require the player to find both blueprints for the add-on and also the resources required. Borrowing from Nier Automata, enemies will drop various items that can be put towards the construction of the add-on. These might include, Steel, Copper, Iron, Mixed Alloys, Wire, Screw, etc. The more advanced the add-on, the rarer the resource that will be required. More powerful enemies will carry and drop these.

As far as missions are going, four missions are now available to play. It has been decided that the Akikos (the jets) will not be available from the very start, but will appear as part of the story missions (two SOS requests). The missions themselves are quite long, taking between 10 and 25 minutes each to finish. Thankfully, an autosave system is in place that will save the mission progress once a minute.

More info and screenshots as development continues.

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