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TANX Squadron remake

Tue, 7th August 2018

Work has started on a remake of our X-COM-inspired game, TANX Squadron. The game is in very early development, as can be noted from the screenshot below. However, things are progressing nicely. The game will differ from the original Amiga version, now running in real time as opposed to the turn based system of the 1999 version. The player will also control six units, as opposed to ten. Again, the game still has a very long way to go (not even being at v0.1 yet) and could well not be finished for another couple of years yet. Still, we thought it would be fun to keep a development diary of what was going on. Source code will be uploaded onto github when the project is complete. The game will follow the same plot as the original, but with a more fleshed out story and scripted events. Make sure you check back every now and again for updates or subscribe to the RSS.

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