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SDL2 Shooter 2 tutorial
Tue, 13th July 2021

SDL2 Widget tutorial
Fri, 18th June 2021

SDL2 Adventure tutorial
Tue, 8th June 2021

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Tue, 11th May 2021

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Sun, 25th April 2021

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Project Starfighter

In his fight back against the ruthless Wade-Ellen Asset Protection Corporation, pilot Chris Bainfield finds himself teaming up with the most unlikely of allies - a sentient starfighter known as Athena.

Click here to learn more and read an extract!

SDL2 Adventure tutorial

Wed, 9th June 2021

A new tutorial has been added today - a 2D adventure game, set in a dungeon, created in SDL2.

The tutorial consists of 14 parts, and walks the reader through setting up the dungeon, the player character, controls, loading the map, interacting with entities, completing objectives, and finishing the game (phew, that's a lot!). You can find it on the tutorials page, or by following the link below:

SDL2 Adventure Tutorial

Binary downloads for the finished game are available to download from itch.io:

SDL2 Adventure on itch.io

The source code for all parts of the tutorial itself is also available to purchase from itch.io:

SDL2 Adventure tutorial on itch.io

This tutorial is also included in the complete set of tutorials from itch.io. Those that have already purchased the bundle can find it included in the update:

SDL2 Tutorials on itch.io

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SDL2 Shooter 2 tutorial
Tue, 13th July 2021

SDL2 Widget tutorial
Fri, 18th June 2021

New tutorials
Tue, 11th May 2021

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Fri, 20th July 2018

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