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Wed, 20th March 2024

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Wed, 15th February 2023

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When her village is attacked and her friends and family are taken away to be sold as slaves, Alysha Tanner sets out on a quest across the world to track them down and return them home. Along the way, she is aided by the most unlikely of allies - the world's last remaining dragon.

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This game is no longer in development. However, those who are interested can download the sources and assets from itch.io, for a small fee. See the purchase section at the bottom of the page for details.


Three Guy Apocalypse is a turn-based strategy game. Gameplay involves moving units across a grid-based battlescape, collecting items, purchasing upgrades, and conducting research. It is the (sort-of) sequel to Three Guys.

In the year 20XX, Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Green Guy have spent far too long out on their lunch break and know that if they return to work late, Head Guy, their boss, will demand they stay behind to make up the missing hours. Red Guy comes up with a plan to jump back in time to 5 minutes before their lunch hour is due to end, using the Station Road teleportation device. Unfortunately, since none of the three Guys understands quantum mechanics, they end up in a desolate place that looks nothing like the Station Road teleporter hub they left behind. And around them: Blue Guys, Orange Guys, Brown Guys, White Guys, Black Guys, and Pink Guys. The horror! Where are they and why are those other Guys such strange colours?!

Chased by these monstrosities (who are also wielding all manner of armaments!), our intrepid bunch soon stumble upon an oasis in the chaos and make a startling discovery: they are now in the year 21XX and a Cube virus is raging havoc all around the world, a virus that could well have been triggered by their earlier teleporter malfunction! All of this could've been avoided if they'd simply walked back to the office, instead.

Now, the trio have just 36 hours to find a cure for the viruses and discover the location of patient zero, to prevent the entire world from being lost ...


  • Turn-based strategy.
  • 5 different area types.
  • 8 different enemies to overcome.
  • Upgrade the Guys to increase their fighting prowess.
  • Acquire and use multiple weapons.
  • Research enemies to uncover the cure for their afflication.
  • Discover and explore secret labs to find much needed ingredients.
  • A silly story, filled with lots of stupid stuff.
  • Optional swearing.




You can purchase the source code and assets for this unfinished game at itch.io, using the link below:

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