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When her village is attacked and her friends and family are taken away to be sold as slaves, Alysha Tanner sets out on a quest across the world to track them down and return them home. Along the way, she is aided by the most unlikely of allies - the world's last remaining dragon.

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The Story

Earth is under seige from an alien threat. Huge genetically enhanced insects rampage across the planet. Man tries to fight back but hopes of success all but fade when their crack team is captured by the alien hordes. Desperate and out of time, a group of 10 men and women break away from their unit and form their own. Using vehicle remains from previous battles the group construct their own vehicles and weapons to counter attack the alien invaders in an attempt to crush their forces and strike at the heart of their very own homeworld. The unit was codenamed TANX.


  • Turn Based Strategy System
  • 10 Different Vehicles each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Upgrade with new weapons and shields!
  • Large variety of weponary - Machine gun, shells, rockets, lasers and more!
  • 19 Missions, including assualts, acquistions and clean sweaps
  • Huge maps (3200 X 2560 pixels!)
  • Engaging plot line
  • Dozens of different sound effects
  • Stunning Soundtrack
  • Boss fights!
  • Save Between and During Missions
  • Battle against Commander Tyran and his unit of Cyberwolves. Your former unit.




  • AGA* Amiga
  • 68020 Minimum. 68040 Recommended.
  • 4MB RAM (2 Fast, 2 Chip)
  • 8MB HD (Hard Drive Only)
  • Mouse and Keyboard
* - Not compatible with graphics cards that bypass the AGA chipset (eg - Blizzard Vision)


39Kb (6th August 2019)

3,433Kb (6th August 2019)

tanxedit.lha is an editor that allows for save games to be changed. Dead characters can be resurrected, all weaponary can be assigned to ANY vehicle and the player can select which stage they wish to start on. Plus much, much more! If you really need to get through that tough section, then this is for you!

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