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Arriving on the back of a meteorite, an alien pathogen has spread rapidly around the world, infecting all living humans and animals, and killing off all insect life. Only a handful are immune, and these survivors cling desperately to life, searching for food, fresh water, and a means of escape, find rescue, and discover a way to rebuild.

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Number Blocks is a puzzle game for Android. Place the shapes into the grid to fill rows and columns. Once a row or column has been filled, it is removed and you score points based on the numbers in that row or column. The game ends when there is no space left on the grid.

You are given three shapes underneath the grid. Place the shape onto the grid by dragging it to the spot you want to place it and letting go. The grid will highlight in green if the placement is valid. The dropped shape will be replaced with a new one.

Additional points are given for completed rows and columns with sequences of numbers, or duplicating a number several times. Removing multiple rows and columns will multiply a player's score, so it is possible to earn large bonuses via combos.

The game also features an online leaderboard and daily challenge, allowing you to play against other people to see who can score the most points overall.


  • Stop and resume play at any time
  • Zen gameplay
  • Play against others online to achieve the highest score*
* Online interactions require the player to sign in to Google Play Games.



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