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SDL2 turn-based strategy tutorial
Thu, 14th April 2022

Water Closet ported to PlayStation Vita
Tue, 4th January 2022

The Legend of Edgar 1.35
Sat, 1st January 2022

Achievements tutorial
Thu, 2nd December 2021

SDL2 Rogue tutorial
Thu, 30th September 2021

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Project Starfighter

In his fight back against the ruthless Wade-Ellen Asset Protection Corporation, pilot Chris Bainfield finds himself teaming up with the most unlikely of allies - a sentient starfighter known as Athena.

Click here to learn more and read an extract!

Medals / Trophies / Achievements


The medals service is an in-game feature that rewards players for performing certain tasks, such as completely a level, scoring a certain number of points, or unlocking secrets. It is akin to the Trophies and Achievements feature is that found on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. The medal service was created for Metal Blob Solid, and was expanded into Virus Killer and The Legend of Edgar. Right now, only Metal Blob Solid and UFO Rescue! are still supported. If you wish to participate in the Medal system, then you can sign up below.


Click on a game below to view all the Medals available.


A list of players signed up to the Medals system. Click on a player name to view their progress.

SDL2 Steve

Create Medal Key

In order to use the medal feature with Metal Blob Solid or UFO Rescue!, you need to create a medal key. You can do so below by entering a player id (anything you like, up to 16 characters, and not already in use). You can then use the medal key with the game.

Your medal key will aware below when it is created. Make sure you copy it down:


Setup Instructions

Blob Wars : Metal Blob Solid

Create a file called medalKey, containing your medal key and copy it into $HOME/.parallelrealities/blobWars

Linux players can do this easily from the shell by typing the following,

> echo {your_medal_key} > ~/.parallelrealities/blobWars/medalKey

Windows players should place the medalKey file in the same folder as the Metal Blob Solid executable (blobwars.exe).

UFO Rescue!

Enter the medal key into the Options menu of the game. Alternatively, if you're familiar with JSON, you can edit the save.json file (requires you to have started the game at least once). Locate the "medalKey" section and update it with your medal key:

	"medalKey":	"xxxxxx"

Where xxxxxx is your generated medal key.

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