Blob Wars : Attrition

In the months following the defeat of Galdov, Bob resumes his fight back against the BioMech alien invaders. He once again throws himself onto the field, to defeat enemy leaders, rescue POWs, bring down enemy outposts and installations, and prepare for the Blobs' annual wine and cheese party.

Blob Wars : Attrition is the first game in the Blob Wars series designed for use on Android devices, and features all the classic 2D gameplay of Metal Blob Solid. Set between the events of "Metal Blob Solid" and "Blob and Conquer", Bob ramps up the fight back against the alien invaders, wearing them down bit by bit, so that the Blobs can take back their world and return to the life of peace that they once knew.


+ Intense multi-directional platforming action
+ 25 different missions, in four different environments
+ Boss battles
+ Non-linear game progression
+ Return to previous missions, to fully complete all the tasks
+ Jetpack and aqualung, to both fly and swim



The game can be downloaded from Google Play and as a direct APK:

[Google Play]

[Direct APK]