Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Legend of Edgar 1.21

The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 1.21

* Updated German and Slovak translations

The game's source has also been moved from Sourceforge to GitHub.

Download 1.21 from GitHub

Help translate the game into your native language

Original sound effects and music


  1. Hi, I think I have encountered a bug in the game in the basement level. I have arrived at a point where I enter in a door after pressing a switch and hopping on all falling platform to find myself stuck once the door is locked. the reason is that the lift is not working for some reason. In the walkthrough, the lift should be working to allow you to go on top.

    Here is a link to the screenshot (lift is marked with a red error) ->

    Is it a bug in the game or is that lift activated somewhere else please?

    If it is a bug, is there a way to reset the level and still not lose my saved games?


    1. Was the lift always in that spot? It should be at the bottom. Did you somehow manage to walk onto the lift and off it as it was moving up?

  2. No, once I managed to get to the top but then I came back downwards. However the lift stayed at the top...

    Is there some way to reset it without losing the saved games cause I am stuck in the game like that... thanks

    1. Can you upload your save file somewhere so I can have a look?

      On WIndows, the files will be in C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\ParallelRealities\Edgar

  3. Sure... here it is ->


    1. Thanks, that lift you're having problems with is one way only, and you don't need to go back that way anymore.

      If you want to get back to the top, go right from the save point, take the lift up and walk left which will take you to the generators.

      If you want to go back to the fortress, from the save point, walk left and drop down, keep walking left past the ceiling snappers, take the lift down and then walk all the way right and hop up the steps and go through the door. There are plenty of areas in the fortress to explore, perhaps you should investigate the laboratory some more?

      Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks a lot for your time and help.

    Yes in fact, I saw some walkthroughs on youtube and I realised that there is more work to be done in the labs :)

    Well done for the Legend of Edgar... it is a great platform game