Sunday, 11 May 2014

Blob Wars : Attrition now available for Android!

There's a new Blob Wars game available! Huzzah! Blob Wars : Attrition is available for Android devices, and is set between the events of Metal Blob Solid and Blob and Conquer.

The gameplay is very much like Metal Blob Solid - 2D platforming action, with multiple objectives and missions. It also features a non-linear mission structure, so that the player can (mostly) choose the order in which their should tackle the missions.

The aqua lung and jetpack make a return, and all the familiar weapons are there to enjoy: pistol, plasma rifle, spread gun, grenades, and laser. Assimilated Blobs and Eye Droids are also present in healthy doses, and naturally there are boss fights!

The game works very well on mobile devices, if I do say so myself, much better than I was originally expecting. The on-screen controls are responsive and the game is easy to play.

The full game is now available from Google Play, as a free download. This is a time-limited trial, after which the full game can be purchased using an in-app purchase.

Click the link below to go to Google Play and download the game!

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