Saturday, 11 January 2014

Battle for the Solar System: Tactics

We're happy to announce a new game is currently under development. Battle for the Solar System: Tactics (working title) is based on Stephen J Sweeney's BATTLE FOR THE SOLAR SYSTEM novel trilogy.

The project is a turned based strategy game, seeing the player placed in charge of keeping the galaxy safe from threat during a period of the novel trilogy known as the Pandoran War.

Features include:

* Turn based strategy
* Command CSN fighters, such as TAFs and Rays
* Control new starfighters, such as the Kingfisher, not seen in the novel trilogy
* Hundreds of randomly generated missions

Right now, the game is still under a lot of development, but is fully playable in the current state. The game requires Java and OpenGL. Most modern computers should be able to play the game without any trouble. You can get the latest copy of the game by going here:


  1. Hi. I have not found another place to contact them.
    Well, I want to know what happened to the development of the game Blob Wars: Blob And Conquer. I searched the old compiled version of Windows, but I not found. You do not have a copy? Thank you.

  2. The game is now maintained on Sourceforge. However, there aren't any Windows binaries available, so you'll need to compile the game yourself. There are also a number of files missing, due to uncertainties about ownership and copyright, so I can't promise that it'll even work.

    1. Ah, damn. So there aren't compiled copy on the internet?