Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Legend of Edgar 1.02

The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 1.02.

* Updated French, German, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian translations
* Fixed some music tracks not playing in newer versions of SDL Mixer
* Removed "O2" from the compiler flags to fix undesired behaviour
* Fixed the fish floating in the corridor in the left tower (see above)
* Other minor bug fixes

Download 1.02 from Sourceforge

Help translate the game into your native language


  1. offtopic (sry)
    this is about other game which used to be hosted here, blob and conquer. It can be still found on the sourceforge, but the sounds and music is not part of the repo, therefor make install doesn't work :(

    cp -pr data gfx music sound textures /home/marvn/abs/blobandconquer/pkg/usr/share/games/blobAndConquer/
    cp: cannot stat „music“: No such file or directory
    cp: cannot stat „sound“: No such file or directory

    if I understant this correctly, this game was developed by your brother. can you please contact him and ask him to provide the content or update the makefile?

    many thanks, marvn

  2. I no longer maintain the game, I'm afraid. You should file a bug on Sourceforge, so that the guys there can fix it.

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