Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Legend of Edgar 1.01

The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 1.01.

* Updated Spanish, Czech, French, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian translations (thanks translators)
* Fixed a problem where the player could get stuck in the Fortress Mine
* Bats and Books no longer get stuck after attacking you
* Prevented certain items from being used when Edgar is a Slime, such as the Ice Spray
* Resetting a mirror while it is reflecting light no longer leaves it unusable
* Fixed a random crash when the Green Scanners spot you in the Armoury
* Chaos's tendrils now release Edgar when he dies
* Fixed a problem where Evil Edgar could get blocked by a spring during his first cutscene
* The Awesome Foursome now longer freeze if one of them is killed during their super attacks
* More fixes to Mataeus's rift sounds

Download 1.01 from Sourceforge

Help translate the game into your native language

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  1. Translate is a very simple and a very little work compare to your! Thanks for this awesome game (and for Metal Blob Solid too!)