Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Legend of Edgar 1.00

The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 1.00.

* Added a basic introduction to set up the story
* The Queen Wasp's defeated status is now displayed correctly in the credits
* Fixed a potential crash after defeating Chaos
* The medals in the menu are now translated correctly
* Changed Azriel's intro
* Made a minor change to the Dungeon map
* Automatic language selection can be overridden on the commandline. Type edgar -help for details

Download 1.00 from Sourceforge

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  1. hi there thanks for completing the game.this game is awsome.i do have a problem.i cant find the master tortoise? could you pls tell me where to find it? im starting a new game.want to defeat all bosses.thanx

    1. The Master Tortoise is in the caves in the Wasteland. Shoot it with your flaming arrows until it changes.

  2. hi thanx alot for helping on finding the tortoise, had a feeling it would be there. just wanted to make sure.