Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Legend of Edgar 0.99

The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 0.99.

* The game is now 100% completable (barring any bugs)
* Added the final boss
* Windows should now render UTF-8 strings correctly (such as Russian)
* The Watchdog no longer occasionally freezes after charging at Edgar
* The secret wall in the Crypt can now be destroyed
* Made the final flooded tunnel in the Dungeon wider
* The Lightning Sword charges are no longer reset to 10 when an enemy steals it
* The Black Book now turns into the Gargoyle rather than the Golem
* Fixed a bug in the cutscene when fixing the power generators
* Fixed a potential crash when changing maps from the Outskirts to the Fortress
* Fixed a problem where you sometimes could not jump on ice cubes or floating snappers

Download 0.99 from Sourceforge

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for finishing the game,
    I managed to get all medal except 'completed the game with only 5 hits points'. The only way to loose hit points was in the study when the boss make his spell but in this version he only reverse the controls (like confuse with chaos). So I really don't see how I can get this medal. Is there a trick?

  2. If you want to earn this medal then you cannot collect any of the big hearts. They vanish after 30 seconds.

  3. Ah, finally I became a legend!