Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Legend of Edgar 0.98

The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 0.98.

* Added French, Czech, Simplified Chinese and Russian translations
* Updated the Fortress Outskirts map
* Made the data and save files architecture independent (so a 32bit x86 save will work on a 64bit PPC machine etc.)
* Fixed a problem with objects falling through pressure plates
* Fixed the trapdoor puzzle in the Laboratory
* Fixed a crash when entering the Sewer after returning from the Wasteland
* Made the Ant Lion in the Forbidden Swamp harder to simply walk past
* Fixed a problem with Red Grubs getting stuck in some walls after bouncing off them
* Hitting the small trees no longer plays multiple sound effects
* Attacking the Black Book's version of the Golem after it has been defeated no longer causes a crash
* The Black Book's version of the Queen Wasp now does damage when it head butts you
* Fixed a small problem with Edgar sometimes being able to walk in the water in the Right Tower
* The Watchdog's saw blade attack is no longer blockable
* Various other minor fixes

Download 0.98 from Sourceforge

Help with translating

Just one more major release to go...


  1. There's a but with Azraël: at the moment whn it completely still your soul and then you become invisible, there's this message: Animation INTRO not set for boss/azriel_scythe

    Another problem I had, I don't know if it's a bug or not... I know where is the secret in the crypt, but it looks impossible to break the wall. I guess we have to break it with a bomb, but the breakeable wall is a bit upper the ground...

  2. Can you please log bugs here:

    So I can keep track of them, thanks.

  3. I'm fighting the gargoile you see in the photo and I have this bug:
    Animation DROP_ATTACK_READY not set for boss/gargoyle_lance_3

  4. Oh I didn't know there was a bug report, sorry