Friday, 16 March 2012

Fantastic Bosses and Where to Find Them

There are a large number of hidden bosses in The Legend of Edgar, some of which are vital towards finding and getting killed by defeating Chaos. Below is a table detailing where to find them all.

GolemMineKnock through the wall to the left of where the boulder stops chasing youDefeat before crossing the lake in the Village
King GrubForestCollect the Forest Cell Key from the Mine where the Golem is located to open the doorDefeat before crossing the lake in the Village
Queen FlyCaveBomb the floor to the right of the 5 spidersDefeat before crossing the lake in the Forbidden Swamp
GargoyleFortress OutskirtsLower the drawbridge in the Fortress Ground FloorCan be defeated at any time
MataeusLibraryExamine the Black Book at the top of the LibraryDefeat before creating the Fire Shield
PhoenixFortress MineTake the long way out and knock through the wall immediately to the right of the save pointCan be defeated at any time
Sewer DwellerSewerCollect the Sewage Restricted Zone key by purifying the small slime pool where you used the 3 Access keysDefeat before being sent to the Wasteland
SalamanderInner-Cave NetworkCollect the Scorpion statueDefeat before returning from the Wasteland
The Black BookLibraryRead the Occult Book in the LibraryDefeat Mataeus, collect all 4 statues, read the entire monster encyclopedia and then the weapon enchantment book again
AzrielGraveyardCollect Ivan's Keepsake in the TombOpen the safe in the Library

There are other secrets in the game (mostly health potions), but those will be detailed in a 100% walkthrough.


  1. Edgar: I wonder if they'll help finding my father...

  2. Is it possible to access the Sewer Dweller on the first pass through the sewer, or do you need something from a later level to "purify the small slime pool"? Until recently I just assumed that part of the game had not been implemented yet because I felt I had scanned every inch of the levels leading up to that point.

    BTW, this is again turning out to be a great game :) Thank you very much for all the work you've put into it!

    1. You'll need an item to purify the slime, so you'll have to come back once you've found it.

    2. Great, thank you :)
      The game had been pretty linear up to that point, so I thought I was supposed to be able to figure it out and the completionist in me kind of refused to go much further in the game.
      (Actually, in the level after that I found 3 out of 4 gems and that was the point where I thought I should wait for the game to be finished to be sure I wasn't missing anything. Now I guess that might be a similar issue.)

  3. In this game it happens quite often that you have to go back and forth. You can really go much much further than where you are now, without missing anything. Of course you can wait till the next release which seems to be a big (final ?) one.

  4. In the Crypt i had several tries with the bells and decided to try without the note sheet. After several chimes i got thrown out via error message.
    I missed to record the error statement for now.
    Unlikely it could be an out of memory error since i had no save point nearby. (My computer has over 3GB free memory).
    The last time i reported an error to you i would have guessed that it is due to missing equipment like the tortoise shell, though there might be code missing for the event of an unsuccessful venture.
    Just a guess.
    ... and it is a very nice game so far. Bugs or not you made a very complex game and i enjoy it very much.

    1. Hi Marcus,

      what version of the game are you running? I'll try and reproduce the error.

    2. edgar-1.02-2.i686.deb
      at least this is the package i used.
      Since i do not know how to open pak files under Linux i had to snoop to the code of version 1.0 and found the code that triggers the Study Point error.

      after disintegration_shield.dat, enable-study.dat is triggered and there following code is executed:
      ADD MAP_TRIGGER "map16" RUN_SCRIPT "sorceror_intro_3"

      The Bells in the crypt do everything they should do and i am not sure if i can repeat the error i triggered accidentally but just to find the error message again i try to get to the crypt again.

      I hope this will help you to find the error(s)

      ....and thanks

    3. Thanks, I'll look into this issue.

    4. Leaving the anthem dialog after the notes are displayed and playing then the correct anthem produces the error.
      Could not find MUSIC_SHEET_DISPLAY

      The error would not bother anyone who plays like he should do.
      But since i have managed to trigger it......someone else might too.

    5. This should be fixed in 1.03, which was released a couple of days ago, but let me know if you are still able to reproduce it.

    6. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    7. I gave it a try and all errors are completely gone. Wow, i encountered the Grimlore and i cannot tell if i ever get past this. But i had the same feeling in Time with the Swamp Guardian.
      I cannot tell you how much i enjoy your games.
      ...and again Thank you very much

    8. Since you fixed the errors i was entitled to meet the sorcerer and had a hard time to get a sword of legend. Now i have seen the whole game and i still have to say one thing.....

      Thanks to you and all others involved.

    9. Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game!

  5. What is Parallel Realities's contact information (email)?