Friday, 16 March 2012

Fantastic Bosses and Where to Find Them

There are a large number of hidden bosses in The Legend of Edgar, some of which are vital towards finding and getting killed by defeating Chaos. Below is a table detailing where to find them all.

GolemMineKnock through the wall to the left of where the boulder stops chasing youDefeat before crossing the lake in the Village
King GrubForestCollect the Forest Cell Key from the Mine where the Golem is located to open the doorDefeat before crossing the lake in the Village
Queen FlyCaveBomb the floor to the right of the 5 spidersDefeat before crossing the lake in the Forbidden Swamp
GargoyleFortress OutskirtsLower the drawbridge in the Fortress Ground FloorCan be defeated at any time
MataeusLibraryExamine the Black Book at the top of the LibraryDefeat before creating the Fire Shield
PhoenixFortress MineTake the long way out and knock through the wall immediately to the right of the save pointCan be defeated at any time
Sewer DwellerSewerCollect the Sewage Restricted Zone key by purifying the small slime pool where you used the 3 Access keysDefeat before being sent to the Wasteland
SalamanderInner-Cave NetworkCollect the Scorpion statueDefeat before returning from the Wasteland
The Black BookLibraryRead the Occult Book in the LibraryDefeat Mataeus, collect all 4 statues, read the entire monster encyclopedia and then the weapon enchantment book again
AzrielGraveyardCollect Ivan's Keepsake in the TombOpen the safe in the Library

There are other secrets in the game (mostly health potions), but those will be detailed in a 100% walkthrough.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Legend of Edgar 0.98.3

This is a very minor update to 0.98 that fixes a problem with the treadmill in the Armoury which would stop a player from being able to progress any further in the game.

This update also includes the latest translations from Launchpad

Download 0.98.3 from Sourceforge

Latest translations on Launchpad

Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Legend of Edgar 0.98

The Legend of Edgar has been updated to 0.98.

* Added French, Czech, Simplified Chinese and Russian translations
* Updated the Fortress Outskirts map
* Made the data and save files architecture independent (so a 32bit x86 save will work on a 64bit PPC machine etc.)
* Fixed a problem with objects falling through pressure plates
* Fixed the trapdoor puzzle in the Laboratory
* Fixed a crash when entering the Sewer after returning from the Wasteland
* Made the Ant Lion in the Forbidden Swamp harder to simply walk past
* Fixed a problem with Red Grubs getting stuck in some walls after bouncing off them
* Hitting the small trees no longer plays multiple sound effects
* Attacking the Black Book's version of the Golem after it has been defeated no longer causes a crash
* The Black Book's version of the Queen Wasp now does damage when it head butts you
* Fixed a small problem with Edgar sometimes being able to walk in the water in the Right Tower
* The Watchdog's saw blade attack is no longer blockable
* Various other minor fixes

Download 0.98 from Sourceforge

Help with translating

Just one more major release to go...